the turtles that are ninjas

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Jumper..... ;)

Well this movie is alittle annoying...but he is one hot feller... i mean he's no matt damon or brad pitt but dang..... xD. Its about how he finds his magical powers to instantly teleport anywhere in the favorite part is when him and the other guy are in the car and they teleport through stuff and it looks pretty cool. also when he teleports this guy who is trying to capture him to the top of the pyramids and leaves him there. i sort of laughed...MAWHAHA thats what you get for messing with the special people in the world. speaking of being special today at lunch i was seeing if milk would come out of the straw, so i tipped it upside down and in stead of coming out of the came out of the opening and spilled all over the table. i forgot about that hole :o. haha so my friend was all like why did you spill my milk and i was like hey hey don't cry over spilt milk.. haha i crack my self up. well back on topic... the girl looks exactly like anna paquin... the girl who plays rouge in x men. i mean the do.....except the girl in the movie is really rachel bilson and not anna paquin. :( that makes me sad... well anyways this movie is good....sort of like x men with only one person....weird. :)


OK this is what is going down.....i'm gonna start from the top of my movies and then i am going to write about them. because i want to and i haven't writen on here in a long time. like those websites that talk about movies but these are sort of old. AW MAN i didn't even think of those websites..... oh well. Then after that I'm mostly gonna talk about my brother's music career. :) this is gonna be EPIC..... like totally CrAzY @)

Friday, July 3, 2009

blah blah blah

Don't you think that its weird how much time we spend on the internet? I spend so much time on facebook and all that jazz......yeah well anyways....its summer and i am home.....i went to camp and then came home a day after i got there because i was sick....sooo i have to wait until we go to flordia to get away....well theres youth confrence but i get my braces off that same day so i'll ve late.....YAY braces are comeing off and i will never ever wear them ever again.....NEVER. well hopefully you know that i love i saw this piece of flair on said "Those who dont like cows are NOT awesome" and that just basicaly made my life!!! i was rolling on the floor laughing.....yeah i know i'm not that intersting right now....when i get more awake then i'll tell you....til then ~forever your michelle

Monday, December 29, 2008


i haven't typed in a long time. i got a sock monkey for christmas and it is amazing!!!!
i got texting today and i rezent the fact that my mom thinks that im not that popular..... jk...... well i am thinking that new maryland isn't so bad after all i went to their "big" mall and it was like richardson's mall and i liked the space!! well got to go....... try to type later........ my sockmonkey says bye as do i....hehe that rhymed. bye:) <3

Saturday, September 27, 2008


Well.... i guess..... i don't know.... see i'm confused.. well today i went to the gym today its really fun.... you guys who don't go don;t know what you're missing. well my live is boring. so... oh yeah ....i am in love.... with Shia LaBeouf i have given up on all other boys.... well now i gotta go to sleep so good night sleep tight! love michelle future LaBeouf.

Monday, September 8, 2008

the awesomeness of high school

so besides looking at the negatives of high school i desired to look at the good things in high school..... well..... you have fun when walking to class... i get to talk to some of my friends.. like my friend neil to first period. helen to second period.all by myself to lunch. reanee to thrid and brenna to forth... i got pushed into a wall today and i went into the woods behind our school during 3rd block.... well ok there isn't that much to be proud of at school. talk to ya'll later. your angel michelle

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Well i am really bored and can't wait until school starts...wait that is a lie... i am bored though. you know what i don't get if you are on the computer then you use texting short cuts but you have a full key bored in front of you and it takes like 2 sec more than finding a way to make sense with single letters. and another thing i don't get is why do people fight over stupid songs, so you don't like it... get over it, you don't have to post it all over youtube. well anyways. i only have about half a year until i get my braces off. yay. i went to the dentist today and when you have braces they use this powder cleaning stuff in stead of toothpaste and a toothbrush and it is so gross it has the flavor of dried smashed concrete and the fluoride that they use is like painted on your teeth and the good thing about it is that you can eat right after they put it on but is has the grosses taste... i mean can't they just put a little bit of flavor in it just so poor kids like me do feel totally grossed out when we go to the dentist. well until next time your sweetheart... oh thats me.