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Friday, July 3, 2009

blah blah blah

Don't you think that its weird how much time we spend on the internet? I spend so much time on facebook and all that jazz......yeah well anyways....its summer and i am home.....i went to camp and then came home a day after i got there because i was sick....sooo i have to wait until we go to flordia to get away....well theres youth confrence but i get my braces off that same day so i'll ve late.....YAY braces are comeing off and i will never ever wear them ever again.....NEVER. well hopefully you know that i love i saw this piece of flair on said "Those who dont like cows are NOT awesome" and that just basicaly made my life!!! i was rolling on the floor laughing.....yeah i know i'm not that intersting right now....when i get more awake then i'll tell you....til then ~forever your michelle

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Kim said...

Aww, that's lame that you were sick. Have fun in Florida! I'll probably see you sometime this fall. :)