the turtles that are ninjas

Monday, September 8, 2008

the awesomeness of high school

so besides looking at the negatives of high school i desired to look at the good things in high school..... well..... you have fun when walking to class... i get to talk to some of my friends.. like my friend neil to first period. helen to second period.all by myself to lunch. reanee to thrid and brenna to forth... i got pushed into a wall today and i went into the woods behind our school during 3rd block.... well ok there isn't that much to be proud of at school. talk to ya'll later. your angel michelle


Kim Raynor said...

Hang on. You went into the "woods" during third block? What does THAT mean???

The Hathorns said...

I am also confused about the "woods." Please explain.

michelle said...

there are woods behind my school that outline our school grounds. we go there to look at the wildlife.