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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Jumper..... ;)

Well this movie is alittle annoying...but he is one hot feller... i mean he's no matt damon or brad pitt but dang..... xD. Its about how he finds his magical powers to instantly teleport anywhere in the favorite part is when him and the other guy are in the car and they teleport through stuff and it looks pretty cool. also when he teleports this guy who is trying to capture him to the top of the pyramids and leaves him there. i sort of laughed...MAWHAHA thats what you get for messing with the special people in the world. speaking of being special today at lunch i was seeing if milk would come out of the straw, so i tipped it upside down and in stead of coming out of the came out of the opening and spilled all over the table. i forgot about that hole :o. haha so my friend was all like why did you spill my milk and i was like hey hey don't cry over spilt milk.. haha i crack my self up. well back on topic... the girl looks exactly like anna paquin... the girl who plays rouge in x men. i mean the do.....except the girl in the movie is really rachel bilson and not anna paquin. :( that makes me sad... well anyways this movie is good....sort of like x men with only one person....weird. :)

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