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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Girls Camp 2008

Well it was amazing, the 4th year camp. well we went hiking in the middle of the night, rock climbing, caving, and white river rafting. yeah it was really fun. But i'm glad it was only one week. Even though i would love to forever live with those girls i was ready to take a normal shower and have a long nap not on the ground, not that the ground isn't comfortable because it was this week. i should probley just stop talking till later when i'm not tired, my love is Podunk....for those at camp that would get that..... your stinky sweetheart shello


The Hathorns said...

That sounds really fun!! What was white water rafting like? I have always wanted to do that! Did mom go rafting with you?

Kim Raynor said...

Aww. I miss Girls Camp! I think next year I should try to pass for 17 and see if they'll let me come. Think it will work?

michelle said...

yes mom went with me and kim you can't past for 17.