the turtles that are ninjas

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The wounderfull high school experience.... sort of...

well its all fun and games until the bell rings and you have to't tell mom. i saw the new India Jones yesterday it was good but i liked the old ones better. then i went and played softball with my friends and family. well before that i got a ride from my friend laura and her brother. well me and her bro neal are friends because she is two years older than me and he is a year younger than me well anyway we were getting into the car and neal locked all the doors before we got in and so i unlocked the door from the window that was rolled down a little and once he saw that i was opening the doors then he thought that my arm was out of the way so he rolled up the window but my arm was still in the window and now i have a huge back and blue stripe on me forearm and today my friends seemed to all be grabbing that part of my arm to get my full attention. well anyways until next time, i think that windows are mean- shello ;)

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